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Truth matters: teaching young students to search for the most reasonable answer

One way to search for the truth is to engage in dialogue with others, seeking to understand different perspectives and beliefs. Students need to be taught how to engage in these types of productive dialogues, what the researchers in this Phi Delta Kappan article call “inquiry dialogue.” They describe how they partnered with elementary school teachers to develop specific tools and strategies that educators can use to foster collaborative and rigorous argumentation, which “is a reliable, albeit imperfect, means of searching for truth.”


   30 minutes

   By: Alina Reznitskaya and Ian A.G. Wilkinson, Phi Delta Kappan

   Educator-prep | K-12 educators

Making connections:

Principled Innovation asks us to work with others and recognize the limits of our own knowledge so that we can better understand and tackle the complex issues our communities face.

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